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"Tour Forensics provided unparalleled support during Dean’s North American Tour in 2019. Their professionalism, attention to detail and years of experience allowed the tour to run smoothly and I’m forever grateful."
Chris Upjohn
Tour Manager
"It’s difficult to put into just a couple of sentences how amazing it is to work with David Norman! Anytime I find out I will be settling a show with him I find myself immediately in a better mood – just looking forward to the date with great anticipation. There is nothing like a smile and hug from David. That said, his professionalism and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Seriously, the guy knows what he is doing and I highly recommend him to everyone."
Rena Wasserman
Nederlander, SVP Production & Operations
"Tour Forensics is about detail. It lets me get the information about my client to the Artist, Management, Creative Team & Publicists so we can assist the day-to-day show process to make it better. It’s the go-to of touring services and we can put our trust in them. Helps us free up time to do more and we as a team can get things done with a better flow, together. "
Bernarr Ferebee Sr.​
Behind the Access Mgmt, CEO, Manager
I hear you and David Norman are starting a new Production Consulting Firm? Let me be one of the first to say the industry will be benefitting from two of the BEST i.e. most experienced, most traveled, well-seasoned and brightest minds and personalities in our industry. The fact that you both are persons of color only accentuates this experience as throughout your career you both have had to, and have reached and exceeded the glass ceiling.

The list is too long in both of your cases - the list of both clients and skill sets: Tour Directing, Tour Management, Production Management, Accounting/Settlement, Travel, Vendors, etc. The Client list goes to the very top of the food chain in this music/entertainment business, with artist of ALL genres.

In my 33 year career as a Promoter/Producer, I have worked with you both on dozens if not more of the many artist you will list. Each time, not only were I elated to see the both of again, your professionalism, communication, documentation and on site execution has ALWAYS been on point. It would be a day I could count on having a smile on my face as I beamed with pride watching you guys do what you do and how you do it! I know I am just one of many of the hundreds of people that you two see through your travels, but know this: Chicago, the Midwest, Live Nation and certainly Chris Weathers has Much Love for you two and always look forward to seeing you both and how you do what you do.
Chris Weathers
Director of Production | NAM-Midwest | Live Nation
"In the unpredictable ramp up of touring in the post Covid world, I’m glad that Tour Forensics is there to allow organizations to stay nimble and move forward without having to take on massive overhead as the world is still figuring things out."
Rob Olds
Director Of Global Touring | Roundroom
""Despite the pause due to pandemic, one way or another the show will always go on and so plans must continue for the inevitable return of live events. It only makes sense to work with Tour Forensics as a turnkey operation to properly and efficiently prepare for live shows post-Covid. Seasoned industry professionals like David and Gabi are needed now more than ever to apply their years of experience and attention to every single detail to create a safe yet still enjoyable live event in this new world of touring ahead.""
Lisa Zechmeister
Lisa Zed Productions
"I've worked with David on several different occasions over the years and have always been impressed by his knowledge and organizational skills. I have no doubt that he and Gabi's combined expertise make them a formidable team and I look forward to using the services of Tour Forensics the first chance I get."
Bill Reeves
Tour Director
For my 20 + years in the business, 5-1 has been a consummate professional, friendly face and invaluable resource for assistance in my own learning curve. It was great having the opportunity to work with him and Gabi on their new company, Tour Forensics for the kickoff of the Dean Lewis North American tour here at 9:30 Club. Always a pleasure to see them both through one of our venues and great to know they are a phone call away if there is problem that needs a creative work around!
Ed Stack
General Manager - 9:30 Club
Having worked with Gabi and David multiple times, I’ve grown to love them as organized, caring, patient and easy to work with. Looking forward to their new venture with Tour Forensics and our paths crossing again in the very near future.
Patty Diefenderfer
Theatre Operations Manager | Entertainment
I am pleased on the behalf of myself and Roadies Of Color United to congratulate and endorse David Norman and Gabi Parra on the launch of their business venture Tour Forensics. David and Gabi represent a very dynamic team with a wealth of industry related experience and knowledge. This venture is a big step forward in the evolution of the music and concert touring industries.
Lance ‘KC’ Jackson
Stage Manager - Earth, Wind & Fire