We provide advancing & tour support for artists, management, labels, and crew

With over 50 years of combined touring experience and road-tested industry connections, we look forward to working with you on your next touring project, no matter the size.

Full Service Tour Support

  • Remote and on-site Tour, Road and Production Management
  • Travel coordination (booking and advancing) & logistics (hotels, ground, tour buses, domestic and private charters)
  • Rider creation and implementation
  • Location sourcing and venue site visits
  • Advancing and coordinating with venues
  • Hospitality Advance: Catering, dressing rooms, riders
  • Rehearsals: scouting, securing, and coordination
  • Runners
  • Security
  • Band and crew hire: Tour Managers, Road Managers, Production Managers, Stage Managers, Production Coordinators, Backstage Coordinators, Tour Accountants, Security, Creative Directors & Conceptual Designers, Musical Directors, Lighting Directors, Designers and Programmers, FOH & Monitor Engineers, Backline Techs, Wardrobe, etc.
  • International immigration, visas, and border crossing assistance
  • Tour routing assistance
  • Overseeing promotional activities (press events, radio, interviews, tour sponsorship)
  • VIP and Meet & Greets
  • Master Tour data entry
  • Tour book / itinerary creation / tour credentials
  • Venue specs and tech kits
  • Maps & Directions for all venues and events (parking, shore power, load-in details with photos)
  • Scheduling
  • Expendables, Radios, Credentials, and Tour Supplies
  • Securing all required touring vendors: Audio, Lighting, Video, Staging, Special FX, Trucking, Buses, Sprinter vans, Trailers, Backline
  • Staging & Design Elements: Drafting, Renders, Set Build, Show content
  • Personal and Venue Security
  • On-site and off-site tour accounting
  • Guidance with tour budgeting, financial planning, accounting, box office settlements, show settlements, road reports, float management
  • Remote Cash Management & Road Float Reconciliation
  • Remote Show Settlements
  • Budgets
  • Implementation
  • Activations
  • Logistics
  • Location scouting

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